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Where Should My Pet Dog Sleep?

Having a pet dog in your home is one of those joys so wonderful that it often seems carefree. But a dog is an animal with particular needs that must be met, so even though playing fetch and taking a nap with Fido may seem carefree, actually providing for him is certainly not so. There are many aspects of pet dog caretaking that we can cover, from proper food habits to effective training methods, but we'll just focus on something simple for now: where your pet sleeps.

If you don't have a spouse or any children at home, and your bed is spacious enough, you can certainly allow Fido to sleep in bed with you. It can be nice to have a companion to wake up to, and sleeping in the same space can help bond you with your dog. You'll have to be careful before deciding to go down this path, however. If you plan on sharing the bed with another person sometime, you may no longer have the space to allow your pet dog in bed with you. It creates an unfair circumstance for your pet, who has grown accustomed to sharing a bed and will find it disconcerting to suddenly be restricted to the floor. So unless you plan on allowing your dog to share your bed throughout his lifetime, you'll need to consider other options.

Allowing your dog to sleep on the couch or other furniture is a possibility, though cleaning can be difficult and again, there are unforeseen circumstances to consider (friends crashing on the couch for a night, parents spending a week-long visit with you, etc.). Your best bet is providing your pet with a nice dog bed. If you select a dog bed that's appropriately sized, made of durable materials, and is truly comfortable, you shouldn't have a problem convincing your pet to use the bed for long. Fido may prefer to cuddle with you in bed, but if he knows where his own bed is, it'll be easier to send him there once it's time for you to get a good night's sleep.

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