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for fish, coral and inverts. The following online shops are good choices for getting your foods and medications. Tropical fish medicines, vitamins, foods and other tank medications are ideal for online shopping — they're relatively inexpensive at online stores and they are light and easy to ship.

Pets Warehouse
This large online pert shop stocks flake, pellet, table, freeze dried and frozen food, foods especially for baby fish or bettas, inverts, corals, sponges, anemones, gorgonians, feather dusters and other fine filter feeders, plus food holders and automatic dispensers for when you're away on vacation or work. They also provide antibacterials, antibiotics, antifungals and freshwater and marine antiparasitics.
Pets-Warehouse for Aquarium Supplies

The online store of this large pet retailer carries various foods in pellets, flakes, floating, sticks, dried, sinking, crisps, granules, wafers, discs, sheets, seaweed, algae, shrimp, bloodworms, clips, krill, tubifex, tablets and plankton, from Tetra, NutraFin, Wardley, Hikari and Ocean Nutrition. They also have medications to cut down on bacteria and fungus, but they don't carry vitamins however.

PetSmart stocks tropical, cichlid and goldfish food and treats from brands such as Hikari, Omega One, Aquarian, Marineland Labs, HBH and San Francisco Bay. They also have automatic feeders and medications.

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