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The lighting needs for your home aquarium is an area that is often overlooked. Proper lighting is necessary for both the health of your live plants and reef species as well as it is a major contributor to the all-around beauty of the tank. The sites listed here all stock illumination systems from full hoods to replacement bulbs.

Pets Warehouse
This large online shop carries pretty much everything for the home aquarium. They have full hoods with lighting in various sizes, compacts, striplights, halide fixtures and bulbs, replacement bulbs, fluorescent bulbs, meters and testers.
Pets-Warehouse for Aquarium Supplies

PetSmart offers light strips and hoods, plus Coralife and Hagan fluorescent and incandescent bulbs.

This large pet retailer has an online shop that stocks a variety of fluorescent and incandescent hoods and bulbs and lamps.

Other Sites:

Reef Tank Lighting

Vivid Aquariums

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