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Once you get your aquarium, where are you gonna put it? The sites on this page will have furniture that will give your aquatic display a sturdy home. Many of the smaller cabinets will have a shelf at the bottom for holding a second tank. The larger furniture cabinets will usually have doors around the lower shelf for storing and hiding tank supplies and mechanicals.

PetSmart offers a small assortment of aquarium stands in iron, clear oak finish and black oak finish for 10 to 75 gallon tanks.

Pets Warehouse
This large online pet shop carries almost everything you could want for your home aquarium. They have angle iron stands in assorted sizes and colors.
Pets-Warehouse for Aquarium Supplies

The online shop of this large pet retailer stocks a couple of iron and wood tank stands.

If you're looking for a fish tank stand, maybe you don't need a fancy stands that costs too much; maybe you would be happy with something a little bit simpler, as long as it serves its purpose.

Fish tank stands are relatively easy to shop for. You won't need to put in a whole lot of planning, research or time into the process. The one thing you really need to know is your aquarium's measurements so you can buy the right size of display stand. You should be able to find the measurements and the filled weight of your tank online. It's important to know this.

Fish tanks weigh a lot once they're filled with water, so you're going to need a pretty sturdy tank stand to hold all that weight. Don't try to save a couple of dollers by buying something that isn't strong or stable enough to do the job.

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