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If you really love fish, you may already have an aquarium in your home. And if you're thinking about getting another, there is a larger selection of aquariums now more than ever before. And if you want something dramatic, the most dramatic fish tank you can get is the wall aquarium.

Wall aquariums are probably the most awesome looking fish displays that you can have in your home or place of business. If you're not sure what these units are, they are just what the name implies, they are fish tanks that appear to be a part of the wall. These are some serious tanks and they are only for the serious fish lover. Besides the occasional homeowner who has one, some businesses like to have one in their waiting room or client area. They make quite a conversation starter.

When you have decided that a wall aquarium is what you want, think about where you want to put it. They are going to add a tremendous amount of weight, just like a free standing aquarium does, so you want to make sure you choose an area that can support that extra weight. You will need to open up a space in the wall that is big enough for the tank but without displacing a support beam or stud. If you remove a weight-bearing support, you are compromising the overall structure of that wall. (Be sure to bring in an expert, do not attempt to do this yourself.)

Some wall aquariums are big and some are smaller. As with other tanks, you want to get one that is big enough for the fish that you want to have, but that is also small enough so that you can actually manage the cleaning and the maintenance. Some aquariums require more maintenance than others. Remember that if you put one of these at your place of business, you may need to have someone take care of it on the days when the business isn't open, such as weekends and holidays.

Installing a tank in your home is a big operation, so think about the work involved and what you will do with it if you decide that you no longer want it in a few months or a year. Wall aquariums can be great additions to a room, but make sure you consider all the possibilities before you decide to install one.

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